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14 June 2010 @ 10:10 pm
Welcome to remakearashi , an Arashi fanworks community created by xxkonokisekixx and mikarocker ! Located in this post are our rules and the about us biographies. As long as you abide by our rules and play nice, we'll love to have you here.
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Welcome to re(make)arashi! This community is a place for our little collaboration project that we have decided to start. Basically, Tsuki writes the stories, while Mika draws it out. Some of these stories may come from thin air or simply our own "interpretation" of any of Arashi's variety shows and/or dramas. We also accept requests/suggestions, though not all will be used. Anyone is free to join our community as long as all rules are obeyed and followed, and we welcome everyone, Arashi fan or not. Comments and polite constructive criticism is also loved.

To join please leave a simple comment here. All will be accepted. :]

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How to make a request/suggestion:

Until we really get this project going, we will not be doing any requests just yet, though you are welcome to send us your ideas since eventually we will be taking suggestions and requests and putting them to use.

To make a request/suggestion, email Mika at mikadaisukii@gmail.com
If your idea is used, we will contact you and credit you in the entry your idea is used in.